• A type of ship that is used for sealing furs. These ships were typically small and fast, and they were used to hunt seals and bring their pelts back to port.
  • A seal that is used to protect a ship’s hull from water damage. These seals are typically made of rubber or another watertight material, and they are installed around the ship’s openings, such as the hull plates and the propeller shaft.

In your query, I think you are referring to the first definition. The term “sealing ship” is not commonly used anymore, but it was used in the 18th and 19th centuries to describe ships that were used to hunt seals. Some of the most famous sealing ships included the “SS Sagona”, the “Salisbury”, and the “Seringapatam”.

If you are referring to the second definition, then the term “ship seal” is still in use today. Ship seals are an important part of a ship’s hull, and they help to prevent water damage. There are many different types of ship seals, and they are made from a variety of materials.

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